Willis Clow Tunes

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Video Clips from Performances
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Stairs Pt. 1

J. Pernicano Quintet Sept. 2009

Los Angeles
From Paris Summer 2009
From Paris Summer 2008
From the Dusty Springfield Tribute
The USC Guitar Ensemble

Recorded Live at 2nd St. Jazz in L.A. October 28, 2007

Dexter Gordon Tune

Willis Clow Original
Willis Clow Original
Wayne Shorter Tune
Willis Clow Original
Artwork and Gig Info

The L.A. Tunes

Fine Rendering of the Radiohead Tune

Jazz Pop Standard
Country Rock Extravaganza!
From the L.A. band, Fact & Fiction
A Big Guitar Solo with the
USC Concert Jazz Orchestra

The Salt Lake City Tunes

a very nice guitar duet

the Folz Ensemble...
hold your breath!
a Willis Clow original
with the Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra
another Willis Clow original
again with SLAJO
from the jazz hip-hop group
the new rock
a jazz standard
with a country coda
a jazz trio recording
another jazz standard
the Jimmy Smith soul jazz favorite
from a local jam session
the stunning SLAJO performance from
the Utah Arts Festival
a Willis Clow original composition
a mellow, late night, club closer...

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